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Sean Reinert - Cynic 

  • Dashboard by Modest Mouse
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    dashboard // modest mouse

    well, we scheme and we scheme but we always blow it
    we’ve yet to crash but we still might as well tow it

  • The Fisher Tale by Aeon Spoke
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    Æon Spoke - The Fisher Tale - Aeon Spoke 

  • Abandon All Life by Nails
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    Abandon All Life by Nails

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    Paul Masvidal - Cynic 

  • One of Us Is the Killer by The Dillinger Escape Plan
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    Now one of us must die and the killer won’t survive. 

  • Gloria by Mineral
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    Mineral - Gloria

    'Cause I just want to be something more
    Than the mud in your eyes
    I want to be the clay in your hands